Ron Brenay

Ron Brenay


Associated Equipment

Rogue Audio Super 99 Magnum Preamplifier

Rogue Audio Stereo 100 Power Amplifier

Pass Labs XP15

Dynavector 20x2l

Anthony Gallo 3.1

Ryan R610

SVS PC2000

Audio Art Cable IC3 SE Interconnects

Audio Art Cable SP5 SE Speaker Cable

Audio Art Power SE Power Cord

The Veracity ST's brought their big boy boots when it comes to treble town.

With the mind boggling vast array of finish options, top shelf materials and passion that has no rival, Salk Sound has more than earned a new record day stamp of approval. Jim has a real winner on his hands with the Veracity ST’s and I consider them to be the beautiful end result of master artisans who make music sound gorgeous and engaging. Well done Salk.  

Product photography and more: Berntson Photography

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