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Want to know more about us? Well, music has played an ever present and important role in my life. I was influenced at a young age by bands such as Pearl Jam, The Beatles, Neil Young and Pink Floyd. In recent years I have pursued the perfect setup for hi fidelity music reproduction. I have cycled through solid state, digital amps, preamps, and different types of speakers, landing on his current gear from Rogue Audio, Parasound and Anthony Gallo speakers. In the past, I was interested in the convenience of digital music, attempting to discover the way the artists intended for their music to sound. In the pursuit of digital perfection, I was never aware of music available in a format that would further elevate my listening experience. Once I accumulated the gear of my heart’s desire, I was introduced to vinyl through a friend at work. Although vinyl has potential for pops, cracks, and wear that digital does not, I have found a depth of music and dynamics he never before felt from hi-fi. It’s as though I am sitting before the band performing onstage, or even perhaps, in the studio during the initial recording.


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